Create incredible projects with Bake Lighting, visually the same as Ray Tracing but much lighter!

There are more than 40 classes created by DVIZ that will provide you with everything you need to create realistic and light projects. Don’t waste time rendering, or taking the risk of the client not being able to open your project because it’s too heavy.

Who is the course for?

This course is for engineers, architects and 3D artists who do not have a powerful computer, as with this technique anyone will be able to create surprising projects in a much more optimized and lightweight way and with the same final quality as a rendered project.

All classes have audio in Portuguese and English ** ** Automatic subtitle translation is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean.



One Year


English and

What you will learn with Bake Lighting:

Unfortunately, many courses on the market only care about the final look of the project. But I want to be honest with you, and say that learning just this won't be enough. The project ends up being extremely slow on basic computers, making it impossible to present it to customers.

The good news is that you can create incredible projects, with a look similar to Ray Tracing, even without having a PC from another planet. To achieve this, we created this incredible Bake lighting course, providing a simple step-by-step guide that will optimize your projects while maintaining unparalleled final quality.

There are more than 40 classes on the topic, divided into modules with supporting materials for download.

Course content:

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1.1Welcome – Build
1.2Platform and support instruction
1.3Links, Groups, Support
2.1Good Practices Part 01
2.2Good Practices Part 02
2.3Good Practices Part 03
3.2Datasmith install
3.3Export workflow
4.1Engine Install
4.2Engine Interface
4.3Template and Project Setup
4.4Importing project
5.1World settings / Mobility / UVs
5.2Importance Volume / PostProcess / HDRI
5.3Build Scale / Lighting Bounces
5.4UVs Lightmap resolution
5.5Test Results / HDRI Backdrop
5.6HDRI Backdrop Part 02
5.7Lightmass Portals / LIV
5.8Build result
6.1Migrate / Normal
6.3Fix UVs
7.1Ajdustment tools / Pivot
7.2Ajdustment tools / Mapping 1x1x1
7.3Ajdustment tools / Invert Nomal
7.4Adjustment Tools / Polygon Reduction
7.5Adjustment Tools / Merge actors
8.1World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 01
8.2World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 02
9.2Enabling GPUBuild
9.3Parameters and quality
9.4Comparing parameters
9.5Build module closure

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Create incredible projects with Bake Lighting, save time and win over your customers!

Take advantage of this opportunity to become an expert in this technique.

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7 day warranty

You can test the course for 7 days, if during this period you do not want to continue, that's okay, just contact our team and request cancellation, we will refund 100% of your money without any questions or bureaucracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact us by email:

Denis Gandra
Founder of DVIZ

Hello my friend, this is Denis Gandra, I am the Founder of DVIZ.

Firstly, I want you to know that I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge acquired in 3D over 20 years.

I started using Unreal a few years ago and I'm increasingly impressed with this fantastic tool, and I can tell you, this Bake Lighting for Achviz course will surprise you! He is very special.

There are more than 40 classes where I will guide you through this universe, leaving your projects light and without rendering.

We know that in this Archviz market, just knowing 3D will not be enough, you will need to show that you really know what you are doing! And one of the best ways to deliver this is through the experience you bring to the delivery of your projects.

I guarantee you, if you do everything I'm going to teach you in this course, my knowledge will be complementary to yours and your projects will stand out in an extraordinary way!

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