Create an immersive and realistic 3D experience with Virtual Reality on Unreal Engine 5

There are more than 120 classes created by DVIZ that will provide you with everything you need to create realistic projects in VR in UNREAL ENGINE 5. Join the best professionals in the market, enrolling in our course right now!

Who is the course for?

If you already work with 3D and have always wanted to run your project presentations using a VR headset, then this course is made for you!

You probably already know that VR scenes need to have several special settings to run well on the VR goggles, don't you? What kind of asset should you use? Which settings do you need to use? What are the limitations of the device? How to package? Which device do I need?

With this in mind, we decided to create this course to teach you how to prepare, optimize, and package your file, so you can create an amazing Virtual Reality experience!

Made for architects, engineers and 3D artists. Compatible with the best programs on the market.

See how this experience works on Unreal Engine 5





English and
Portuguese áudio

Amazing scenes
for download

What you will learn with our method:

Access + 120 classes with exclusive content and elaborated by experts! The course will provide you from scratch everything you need to know to adapt your project developed in Unreal Engine 5, making them immersive in virtual reality.

We will put into practice what you have learned on this journey. You will see how to analyze your scene and how to optimize it to achieve a good balance between quality and performance. For this we have included a simple step-by-step how to install all the necessary applications to work with your chosen device, and what kind of Unreal settings you need to do to convert your scene into a realistic and immersive project for VR. Amazing isn't it?

The reality is that we decided to go further, and will demonstrate in practice the creation of a two-story house, with TV remote control, light switches, interactive environments, and the application of optimal lighting. And not forgetting the external environment with vegetation! This process will take your presentation to another level.

It is Unreal Engine 5 bringing your projects to life. Shall we begin?


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1.1.1Support Instructions
1.2Course Goal
1.3Why Oculus Quest 2?
2.1Setting Up your PC for VR Development
2.2Install Android Studio
2.3Setting Up Unreal and Install Java
2.4Install Visual Studio
3.1VR Template
3.2Setting Up VR Template for Oculus Quest 2
3.3Oculus Developer Account
3.4Headest Connection
3.5Oculus Apps
3.6Launching VR Template to Headset
3.7VR Template – Windows PCVR
4.1Interactions Introduction
4.2Simple Door
4.3Sliding Door
4.4Light Switch
4.5Water Tap
4.6Change Material by Touch
4.7Change Material by Menu – Part 01
4.7.1Change Material by Menu – Part 02
4.8Floating Menu – Part 01
4.8.1Floating Menu – Part 02
4.9Thumbstick Movement – Part 01
4.9.1Thumbstick Movement – Part 02
4.10Grab Objects
4.11Improving VR Hand – Skeleton Adjustment
4.11.1Improving VR Hand – Coding the Object Type
4.11.2Improving VR Hand – Left Hand and Release
4.11.3Improving VR Hand – Blending Animations
4.11.4Improving VR Hand – Adding Pose to VR Pawn
4.11.5Improving VR Hand – Last Details and Finishing
4.12Remote Control – Laser Pointer
4.12.1Remote Control – Interaction Function
4.13TV + Remote Control
4.14Change the Laser Color
4.15Open Sliding Door by VR Hand – Part 01
4.16Open Simple Door by VR Hand – Part 01
5.1Study Scene
5.2Migrating the Study Scene
5.3Project Settings for PCVR
5.4VR LOD Adjustment
5.5Collisions Adjustment
5.7Navmesh Adjustments
6.1BP Simple Doors
6.2BP Sliding Doors
6.3BP Light Switch
6.4BP Kitchen Drawer
6.5BP Material Changer
6.5.1BP Material Cabinet
6.6BP Floor Menu
6.7Grab Scene Objects
6.8BP Water Tap
6.9BP Remote Control
7.2PCVR Package
8.3Optmization Modes
8.5Draw Calls
8.6Cull Distance
8.9More About Textures
9.2Mobile HDR
9.3Mobile Multiview
9.4Adjusting Streaming Budget
9.5Adjusting Background
9.6Adjusting Lighting
9.7Adjusting Materials
9.8Adjusting BPs
9.9Final Packaging
10.1Unreal PCVR File
10.2PCVR Package Files
10.3Unreal Standalone Files
10.4Standalone APK Files
11.1Lumen Setup
11.2Nanite Setup
11.3Performance Tests
11.4What if I use them?

What you will learn with our bonus BUILD:

Unfortunately, several courses on the market are only concerned with the final look of the project. But I want to be honest with you, and say that learning only this is not going to be enough. The project ends up being extremely slow on basic computers, making it impossible for them to be presented to customers.

The good news is that you can create amazing projects that look like Ray Tracing without even having a PC from another planet. For this, we decided to present you with an incredible Build course, bringing you a simple step-by-step application that will optimize your projects while maintaining an unparalleled final quality.

There are more than 40 classes on the subject, divided into modules with support materials for download. Only this course could be sold for a high price, but without it your VR projects would not have the same result. So we decided to present you with this bonus!

Build Lighting:

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1.1Welcome – Build
1.2Welcome – VR
1.3Platform and support instruction
1.4Links, Groups, Support
2.1Good Practices Part 01
2.2Good Practices Part 02
2.3Good Practices Part 03
3.2Datasmith install
3.3Export workflow
4.1Engine Install
4.2Engine Interface
4.3Template e Project Setup
4.4Importing project
5.1World settings / Mobility / UVs
5.2Importance Volume / PostProcess / HDRI
5.3Build Scale / Lighting Bounces
5.4UVs Lightmap resolution
5.5Test Results / HDRI Backdrop
5.6HDRI Backdrop Part 02
5.7Lightmass Portals / LIV
5.8Build result
6.1Migrate / Normal
6.3Fix UVs
7.1Ajdustment tools / Pivot
7.2Ajdustment tools / Mapping 1x1x1
7.3Ajdustment tools / Invert Nomal
7.4Adjustment Tools / Polygon Reduction
7.5Adjustment Tools / Merge actors
8.1World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 01
8.2World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 02
9.2Enabling GPUBuild
9.3Parameters and quality
9.4Comparing parameters
9.5Build module closure

What's included:

More than 120 classes

For you to become an outstanding artist in this futuristic market of 3D for Archviz.

Completed and finished scenes

One complete and finished VR scene for you to access and study in practice.

Miscellaneous Assets

Download several ready-made assets for you to use in your projects.

Download of Files

Download all the files you will need to follow the classes.

DVIZ Community

A space for you to network, ask questions, and exchange experiences.

Exclusive Support

Exclusive support channel to ask questions and get help for a period of 12 months.

New members area

Your access will be made through a new and amazing members area. Created for you to have a complete and immersive learning experience.

Create amazing projects for VR!

Don't waste any more time and take advantage of this opportunity to become an expert in Virtual Reality for Archviz.

From $127 for only

3x USD 21.17
or USD 59

7 day warranty

You can test the course for 7 days, if during this period you don't want to continue, that's fine, just contact our team requesting the cancellation, we will return 100% of your money without any questions or bureaucracy.

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English and
Portuguese áudio

Amazing scenes
for download

Denis Gandra
Founder of DVIZ

Hello my friend, this is Denis Grandra, I am the Founder of DVIZ.

First I want you to know that I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge acquired in 3D over 20 years.

I started using Virtual Reality a few years ago and I am more and more impressed with this fantastic tool, and I can tell you, this VR course for Achviz will blow your mind! He is very special.

There are more than 120 classes where I will hold you by the hand and lead you to the extraordinary!

On this journey I will prove to you that knowing VR is not enough! You will become an expert in making your projects realistic and interactive. Taking the lead in the market and becoming a prominent member of this futuristic, up-and-coming, high-paying market that is 3D VR.

We know that to operate in the market, it's not enough to know just 3D, you'll need to show that you really know what you're doing! And that's what virtual reality will deliver you. Making your projects interactive, with unimaginable realism.

And I can assure you that one of the best ways to deliver this immersive experience is in the knowledge you apply to your projects.

I guarantee you, if you do everything I'm going to teach you in this course, my knowledge will be complementary to yours and your projects will stand out in an extraordinary way!

Welcome, see you there in the student group!

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